Besides Occupy Movements, We Beat them at their own game. Network Marketing, Business of the 21st Century.

The whole idea of a job, in the traditional sense, is no longer even going to exist. We will be living in a resource based economy. Network marketing is essentially going to be that transition into this new way of life. That’s the beauty of it. The mindset that you will need to achieve in this new business climate is the exact mindset necessary for us to achieve as a species.

You have to genuinely want to help people and not get caught up in all the money you can be making. Having a quality organization is far superior to having a bunch of bodies with none really putting their hearts and souls into what they are doing. As a network marketer who focuses on money, depending on your initial skills of human persuasion, you may turn out to be very successful as I’m sure there are many who have been. But my assumption is that the ones who really care about their down line are the ones that see the Biggest success. By developing your own character and understanding and caring more about the lives of others you will actually see far greater success, primary Greatness as Dr. Covey puts it, and you live a life of far greater joy because of it. The beauty of it is this love of people is actually going to help people achieve more money than they ever even thought possible for themselves before we put an end to the money system.

The Future Millionaire Society is going to have such a dramatic effect on World culture as we shift our mindsets from old to New.

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