An Ez tip on How to be become a Great Leader. Another Lesson on Ego and Spirituality.


It’s funny when you have reached a point where you are so aware of the weaknesses of others that their downfalls don’t even bother you so much because you have that deep of an understanding of human nature. I say that before even getting my doctorate in Human Relations/Sociology/whatever else I decide to major/minor in. I am going to become a Master at dealing with people and helping nurture their minds to adapt to the shift in consciousness occurring.

It just calms you down so much, this whole concept of not letting external factors disrupt you internally. Change your attitude towards things that bother you and you will notice that those things that once bothered you are just things that occur as opposed to things occurring that trigger a negative reaction from your ego. Live with wisdom and mindfulness. Let your spirit govern who you are and not your ego. Be the person you want to be, not what others want you to be. People will hold you in high regard. Choose a mighty purpose to live for and you will come to realize that your life is that of Greatness. Take it a level deeper and being willing to die for that purpose.

That is the flaw in holding money above everything else. People claim to live for money but are they willing to die for it. In the pursuit of money I guess I understand people willing to die for but would you choose to die for all of your money knowing that you can’t take it with you once you are gone?

People who have their life deeply intertwined with external factors like money, cars, clothes, jobs, status are all people who are living on egg shells. Attachment is so dangerous because your ego identifies with these variables as permanent “real” things. So if your car would to be stripped from you it would kind of be like you are not even you. A large portion of your life energy would be taken from you. There is a better example to use than a car and that is someone’s job, someone’s status. Especially when a person thinks they are going to retire and are not in a position to ascend to a better position. It really just is dangerous. The ego puts us in these positions because the ego is self destructive. The ego is just management for your body but many of us and me included up until recently had an ego that was in charge of the show while my spirit was out sick. The ego lacks wisdom. The ego is like the little kid in you, that’s a good way to think of it. It acts very immaturely and has this mindset of “the world is supposed to make me happy.” When this doesn’t happen then a person either becomes incredibly negative and blames everything and everyone else for their problems or a person who becomes very manipulative and extorts others for their own personal gain. There are of course a few other variations but that sums up a lot of the people who operate under this obsolete mindset. Both ultimately lead to unhappiness because people are not drawn to that kind of behavior and the flip side is you will not even like the person you are. And whoever claims to like manipulating and extorting people for selfish wants is either a demon or a person deeply consumed by evil. Manipulation in the form of helping a person cant even be called manipulation, that would just be referred to as influence.

We at The Future Millionaire Society are not going to manipulate people, we are going to influence the World by being model citizens for a new society. We will all know that if we want to change the masses then we must first change ourselves. Our values and principles will match our habits and behaviors. We will succeed.

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