The Recruiting Strategy at FMS. We have the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY so we DON’T chase people.


I have yet to fully explain the details of my entire business to anyone but people have been trying to tell me that I shouldn’t try it and that it won’t work. All I have done is combined a number of network marketing and affiliate marketing businesses, bundled them into one and added my own creative twist to create my own business. It has been difficult trying to the explain the “what do you do?” question because we literally do EVERYTHING and when I told people that our hands will be in EVERYTHING I think they dismissed me as delusional or just some type of con artist. I wanted to create a business that would literally appeal to everyone because that would increase the probability of my organization becoming successful and I have.

Our success essentially hinges on how many people we expose to the opportunity. The part that is irresistible is it if free to join by becoming an affiliate marketer for us. You can choose to solely work the business and focus on recruiting but ideally I want my organization to be filled with people who focus on what they love to do, what they are passionate about. You wouldn’t have to directly go around promoting by cold calling or engaging in detailed sales talk, you could simply advertise on your website/social networks or wear a piece of advertising such as; clothing, a hat, pin, bumper sticker, bracelet, necklace etc and when people ask you what that is about you could share as much as you would like and recruit them yourself or just take their contact information so they could be called and given more information about the business. Because you referred them they would be in your down line. Keep in mind helping people make and save money may be what you are passionate about so choosing to only work the business is a perfectly viable option.

I personally love helping people grow and better themselves, writing music and entertaining people so I am going to focus on those things and when people ask me about the Future Millionaire Society then I will tell them a little bit, recruit them on the spot or invite them to a meeting so they could find out more information from the other members of my organization. This is exactly the procedure I expect new recruits to follow. People are going to want to know everything and because you are new, you don’t know everything so you have to tell them the little bit you do know with enthusiastic energy and they will be intrigued. This is one LUCRATIVE OPPORTUNITY that you will be going around presenting to people so don’t worry about the people who do not understand this new trend of how business is being conducted because there are plenty who this is going to make 100% sense to.

I have never had an interest in cold calling and chasing people down so I don’t expect anyone in my organization to do so but that is the typical method used in most network marketing businesses so its not like it doesn’t work. In fact there are many millionaires who followed the traditional techniques and have seen a lot of success. To find and recruit new people you can use whatever methods you enjoy that yield the BEST results as long as you are not lying to people about the business. In the event that I find anyone practicing deceptive manipulative behavior, you will be given a warning and if you continue then you will be removed from the Future Millionaire Society.

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