I have to talk about people and their fear of change. People fear change because change threatens their identity and everything they know. Change represents the unknown and that is frightening to most people. I will highlight some of the change that scares people in this article. Change of the self is one of the biggest changes that people fear. The ego fights Hard to hold onto all the problems that it believes make up “you.” This can be seen when someone gets really defensive about letting go of the past because your ego perceives that as you attacking who they are. People unknowingly carry ball and chains around with them and needless to say it holds them back from becoming closer to God and other people for that matter. Projecting the past into the future creates a very narrow close minded view of the world. Be open to the change that the world has to offer. Fighting the inevitable causes strain on your mind, body and spirit because you are trying to battle a basic law of the Universe. Don’t hold onto your ideas as fact just because at one point it led you to be right. Don’t hold onto your past and convince yourself “that’s who you are.” Don’t pigeon hole yourself. You are far greater than that but you first must believe that you are.

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