The Power of Positive Thinking

I really cannot go on enough about the importance of maintaining a Positive Mental attitude throughout your life. From my readings and through my own experiences I have come to the conclusion that exercising the power of positive thinking is the Biggest factor in the foundation of one’s Happiness and ultimately what will lead a person to financial and spiritual success.

Now most people know that PMA is good and will benefit them but like a lot of things people know, they don’t practice and apply it to their own lives. Some people simply don’t think success was meant for them and this in turn leads them to not be successful. In this day and age ANYONE no matter from any background can rise up to become WHATEVER they aspire to be. There are an abundance of resources available for reading that can arm you with the weapons you need to knock down any blockades that attempt to put a damper on your prosperity. Just by you reading this article is a testament to your own hunger to improve your life. You should be thankful for that appetite because not everyone takes the time to learn about issues that trouble them. Take this time to pat yourself on the back.

I want to share with you one of the ways that I have been practicing to build and maintain my positive attitude. I have been feeling more grateful about my life and the wonderful opportunities that are available to me and anyone who takes the time to open their eyes. This is something that has been working well for me. I believe that building up a positive mental attitude will get anyone on the fast track leading to the desirable life they would ideally like to live. My First recommendation is when you wake up every day say “I’m Blessed” put a smile on and give thanks for at least 5 things (you can list as many as you’d like) that you are grateful for. I am a firm believer in having Strong starts and what better way to start your previously stressful morning with that type of positive energy. Whenever you encounter stressful annoying situations put a smile on say “I’m blessed.” You should repeat the whole process throughout the day when you feel negative thoughts overpowering your thought process. I GUARANTEE this will alleviate some of your pain and stress even if only momentarily. With continual practice you will notice a big change in your spiritual aura.

I strongly recommend that you read books. Now this may seem like “oh gosh, he’s telling me to read books” but listen to this and really think about its significance. The average person reads 1.3 books per year while the average millionaire reads 19. And No I didn’t conjure up that statistic to prove my point. A lot of people think becoming a millionaire is some wild alien idea only meant for the “special” people. We live in a time where you don’t even necessarily need school to become an educated person. Whatever you want to learn can be gotten and found on the internet.

I personally feel that the problem of many youth and just people in general is that they rely on a flawed school system (ill discuss that in a later article) to teach them what “they need to know” instead of seeking it themselves. I can’t speak for others, but once I started plunging into book after book is when learning became enjoyable because I was studying topics of interest that would benefit me; Dealing with people, Becoming financially free, sales techniques, advice on becoming a successful real estate investor etc etc. I think that is one of the reasons so many people find reading boring is because their experience with it has been of reading a bunch of stuff that They DON’T want to read in the first place. Of course they would have a negative bias, but that is because of lack of exposure. One of my favorite quotes (forget what book I got this from) is very simple and eloquent. “See More, Be More”. Who do you think is going to have a broader understanding of the world, someone who has traveled to 5 different continents or someone who has never left their home town and rarely reads about other civilizations. The question boils down to your own desire for becoming a better person who is more knowledgeable or do you want to bask in ignorance. The choice is yours.

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