Compliment People

Compliment people
A sure way to have a positive effect on a person’s day is to compliment them. A sincere meaningful compliment satisfies all three feelings that all human beings crave which are Acceptance, Approval and Appreciation. The cool thing about paying someone a compliment is it doesn’t cost a dollar out of your pocket and it boosts another person’s confidence and self esteem. But it doesn’t stop there. By providing someone else with joy by satisfying their cravings, your own personal self esteem is lifted because you know that you brought some extra “goodness” to the world. Being the cause of someone else’s happiness will work wonders for your confidence and create an inner glow that will shine on others acting as a lighthouse that will draw people in solely because of the positive energy emanating off of you.

Maintain opinion of yourself
By maintaining a positive opinion of yourself, you are taking responsibility for how everyone else views you. If you walk around constantly thinking to yourself that you are worthless then people in the world will treat you as if you were but if you believe in your mind that you are an important person then that is the vibe people will get from you and they will treat you as such.

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